What are we capable of?

I did the Son-Rise Intensive Program 19 years ago when I was just 22 years old. There Samahria said to me:

You can do much much more that you think you are capable of.

At the time I just stared at her in a “22 year old” kind of way, but her words stuck with me all these years and has helped me through times when I have felt overwhelmed with my life.

Today I spoke with a Father who asked me whether running a full time program was “Too much” for his daughter. My answer for that as always is our children being Autistic take many breaks throughout the day by isming, we are trying to inspire them to take less breaks.

It got me thinking again about what Samahria said to me all those years ago, we never think that we are “loved” too much, “celebrated”too Much”, “play” too much are “kissed ” too often. When when we think about “working”, or “being challenged” we often add “too much” into the equation.

So today I feel inspired, and want to say to anyone of you lovely Son-Rise Parents out there who are feeling overwhelmed or who are judging themselves today.

You are capable of great things.
You are capable of more than you think.
You are GREAT!
No matter what!!

With much love

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank-you Kate. Thank-you for loving our children.
    Luv, Karen-Canada Son Rise Feb 09.

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