Going For Our Wants

All around me there are creatures going for their wants. Yesterday I was walking with my dog on the farm where I live and he was constantly chasing something. If it wasn’t deer then it was rabbits or birds. He scaled under an electric fence, into streams and through bushes relentlessly to try and reach them. I was amazed at the way he went quickly towards his wants.

I picked some wild flowers and when I returned home I noticed that there was a bright yellow spider, nearly the exact same color as the flowers, hidden on one of the flowers. It had cast a web and was catching insects that were attracted to the flowers for it’s dinner. It was so camouflaged, I nearly missed it. I took the flowers outside and tried to tap the spider away with a stick. It continued to move around the flowers and hide each time I tapped it. I was amazed at the persistence of the spider to stay on the flower by it’s web.

As humans, we are taught not to go for our wants, because we might fail in getting them or be unhappy when we don’t get them. Underneath that, we are operating from a belief that not getting what we want is bad so therefore we hold ourselves back from wanting too much.

I don’t believe that the spider was unhappy about not getting his wants, nor did he give up and not go for them. I don’t believe that my dog is unhappy about not getting them either, he simply chases the rabbit and is incredibly present, he is focused on what he wants, and if he doesn’t get it (he never does by the way), he just tries again with the next animal.

The Son-Rise Program playroom is one place that I am free to want as much as possible. I want the children to look at me, talk to me and play with me. I am not attached to these wants nor scared about not getting them and go after them persistently and in many different ways.

We can learn a lot about wanting from animals, insects and babies, they move through the world, fearlessly going toward what they want and moving away from what they don’t want because they are are not operating from limiting beliefs.

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  1. jeannene says:

    Awesome Becky…well said! I love that you talked about animals because I agree nature is a very good role model for us about how to live peacefully and magnificently. Thank you Becky!

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