My Wish Came True

Last Christmas, during a team meeting for David, an amazing little boy that I volunteer with. His Mom, Kathy asked us to make a wish for something that we wanted for David. My wish was for him to say my name.

In the months between then and now, David has made such incredible progress and a few weeks ago I heard from Kathy that he had said “It’s Becky!” as my car pulled in the drive.

I was spending some time with David in their swimming pool last weekend and during the 4 hours that I was with him, we were playing together, alternating from me jumping in the pool for him and him jumping into my arms.

At one point, as I was helping David swim to the edge of the swimming pool, when he turned his body around to face me, looked at me with a huge grin and said “Becky?” I was floored, my wish came true!

Since then, his family has reported that when he is in the playroom and he hears someone come in the front door, he says “Becky?” How fantastic is that?

Make a wish for your child today and believe it will come true, then wait and see what happens.

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