Savouring the Moment

This lunch time I was sitting on my back porch enjoying the trees in my back yard dancing in the wind. It reminded me of the peace and focus that autistic children have as they enjoy their repetitious behaviours/stims, which we here at the Autism Treatment Center of America call isms.

So much of our time is used trying to find solutions to our “problems” “fixing” our children, our loved ones, thinking about what we are going to do, or say; so many choices, avenues, careers, we forget to see the beauty that surrounds us. And it does, all of us, wherever we are, whoever we are.

Our children’s challenge is connecting socially with the people around them, one way to help them is to stop, see them, really see them, what they are doing and decide to connect with the beauty of who they are today, verses getting them to change and connect with you.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    yes i agree just as my child will ignore anyone he knows they are not interested in connecting with him for any longer period than just to say hello and leave it at that.

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