Son-Rise Program Start Up

Last week at The Autism Treatment Center of America we had 90 people come to learn how to start a Son-Rise Program. It was filled with mothers and fathers, uncles and aunts and professionals, all who were open hearted and wanting to help the special children in their lives.
They came from 22 different states in the USA, and 11 different countries, including Pakistan, Argentina, Brazil and Australia.

So if you are reading this and feel that we are too far away for you to make the trip, think again, wherever you are, you can make it here and we can, and want to help you help your beautiful child.

My love goes out to all you amazing people who attended this last Weeks Son-Rise Program Start Up, and I will think of you all as you set up your playrooms and work with your children on the Autism Spectrum.

Please don’t forget to keep in touch and write and blog about your children and their Son-Rise Programs.

Much love

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