Unconditional Love

My husband and I recently got a new dog Hendrix who is from a broken home. He is a sweet dog and has some issues with trusting people. I would guess he has been abused by a man because he still growls and cowers when my husband comes into the house, although we have had him for 4 weeks now.

He is like my shadow, following me around wherever I go and not letting me out of his sight. The reason I believe that he is responding to me is because I have decided to give him complete and unconditional love. Just like the children that I work with using The Son-Rise Program .

Even at the beginning when Hendrix was wary of me and nervous of everything, I would focus on loving him in every moment. I believe that my husband loves him only when he gets his affection in return and therefore Hendrix is keeping his guard up to protect himself.

When you love unconditionally, it not only feels good but it is more likely that that person/thing will open up to you because there is no expectations. Give it a try.

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    unconditional love , positive regard ,empathy the humanistic psychollogical counselling theoretical core conditions as studied used by Carl Rogers

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