Wonderful Life of an 8 Year Old… Autism Recovery

Dear Friend,

The Mom in the following letter not only radiates with the daily joy of gratitude but also celebrates her son Carson’s total transformation which began when she read Son-Rise: The Miracle Continues. Once lost in the inconsolable tantrums of Autism, her son now enjoys the full, wonderful life of an 8 year old.

Love and hugs , Bears


Good Morning Dear Ones!

I am thinking of both of you with extra special love and gratitude today, as it is my son, Carson’s, eighth birthday today. When I compare where we were during the first two years of his life (a LOT of inconsolable screaming, very little sleeping, nightmarish meltdowns) to NOW (very high-functioning, doing great in school, learning to swim, socially interactive, no tantrums at all…) I am absolutely overjoyed that he is doing so wonderfully!!! I’m even happy about being happy, because I was so intensely miserable, scared, lost and alone for so long in the beginning.

Together, you both unlocked a huge door in the universe and then pointed the way for others like me to follow. I am so thankful that I discovered this path, and had the awareness to jump on and run with it. The day I started reading Son-Rise:The Miracle Continues was the most pivotal day in my entire life. I remember thinking “This is IT!” after the intro by Raun, and about the first two pages of the text. Wow! I’m still amazed by the intense power of that experience. It almost even felt like a dream.

I guess that also shows the power of that “4th E”–expression! I’m so happy that you not only worked with Raun in such a loving way, but you also shared it BIG TIME with the rest of the world. Obviously such a significant piece! And I will add that deepened learning to my inner awareness to remember how important it is for all of us to express the wonder of The Son-Rise Program, so others can have the opportunity to experience it’s joys too! Including happiness and empowerment for the parents too!!!

Sending LOVE and PEACE to both of you on this very beautiful day of SON-SHINE!



p.s. I did my first “official” SR presentation last week, and it went great! Group Facilitation Training really paid off!!! The organizer of the program (social justice programs monthly at my UU church) even said this was the most moving and passionate program he had ever attended!

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