10 Variations for a Therapy Ball

We are working with a child this week who loves to roll on the therapy balls that we have here in the Son-Rise Program playroom.

Here are 10 creative things you can do with a therapy ball in your playroom.

1) Balance on it without your feet on the floor for as long as you can.

2) Play catch with it (with your feet).

3) Pretend it is a giant boulder tumbling down a rock that you have to run from.

4) Bounce off the Walls with it in your arms.

5) Pretend it is a giant wart that has grown on your face and cast different spells on it to try and make it disappear.

6) Use it as a gigantic bowling ball.

7) Lie on the floor and try and roll it across your body from your feet up to your head without it falling off.

8) Draw a face on it with dry erase markers and give it a name. Then let have it play in your games as a third friend.

9) Have a competition to see how high you can each bounce and mark the highest bounce on the wall with artist’s tape.

10) Play a game of giant ping pong using frying pans as bats.

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