10 Variations for Bubbles

In all my years of working with special children, I have seen many of them to be motivated by bubbles. One of the autism strategies we use at The Son-Rise Program is adding variations to activities to help our children be more flexible.
Here are 10 things you can do with bubbles to keep them interesting for both you and your child:

1) Pop them with different parts of your body (e.g. nose, elbow, belly).

2) Blow them on toy cars and pretend they are going through a car wash.

3) See who can blow the biggest bubble and measure it with a tape measure.

4) Use a fun sound effect each time your child pops one (e.g. a rooster sound, raspberry, etc)

5)Blow a bunch of bubbles and then use buckets to catch them in. It will be like soccer but you are bringing the goal to the bubble.

6)See if you can blow a bubble with your nose instead of your mouth.

7)Make bubble art by letting bubbles land on different colored card or construction paper.experiment with putting a drop of food coloring into the bubble mixture.

8)Play keep the bubble in the air for as ong as possible by blowing it around.

9)Have a bubble race by blowing a bubble and holding it on the wand and running across the room. The winner completes the race without the bubble popping.

10)See if you can blow a bubble down a toilet paper tube without it popping.

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