10 Variations for a Blanket

Here are 10 things you can do with a blanket in your Son-Rise Program

1)Roll your child up in it and pretend he/she is a hot dog. Experiment with adding mustard, ketchup and squeezing him/her in it.

2)Pretend that the blanket is a whirlwind whooshing around the room and have fun getting blown away in it with your child.

3)Lay it out and have a tea party on it.

4)Take turns whisking the blanket out from underneath the plastic tea set and seeing who knocks over the least amount of cups, plates, etc.

5)Spread it out over two chairs and pretend it's a tent, go camping in the playroom with your child.

6)Pretend it is a beekeeper's outfit and there are hundreds of tickling bees swarming around you.

7)Twist it around and around and pretend it's your pet snake. Have fun, naming it, feeding it, etc.

8)Hold two corners of it and flap it behind you like wings. You can be a butterfly, bat or ladybug.

9)Give your child a ride in it.

10)Pretend it is your hair and play a game of hairdressers. Have fun, tying it in a ponytail, washing it, etc.

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