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Hello Everyone,
Click on the video below for another game idea to bring into your playrooms with your lovely children.
Much love to everyone

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  1. Great idea. What if you can't get the child in to the container? Is there something you can do to work with him/her to get to that point? Or what if the child decides he's done? Do you stop? I understand that the Son-Rise program is all about getting in the child's world and drawing them out; instead of trying to force them to be "normal" right away.

  2. Kate says:

    Hi Rosemary!
    Thanks for your wonderful questions, I will do my best to address at least one of them here.
    Timing – the timing of when you introduce the bucket ride is very important- you want to introduce it when your child has given you a substaintial green light. For instance they look at you in the eyes for 1-3 seconds, or they have just given you many quick looks in a row- or they have stoped isming ( stimming) and are not doing another activity, or maybe they come over to you and sit in your lap. It is at those times you will introduce the theme, as these are the times when your child is more available to what you might want to suggest.
    Another great time would be to introduce the bucket ride in the middle of another strong interaction just to get him used to sitting in it. For instance maybe he wants you to read a book, you could say, hop in the bucket and I will read one to you. Or, if he wants you to tickle him you could say get in here and I will tickle you, thus you are using his motivations as a way to get him to open up to explore the bucket.

    If you ask him to get in and he does not, it depends what he does next to determine what you do. So if he continues to look at you, then ask him again, make it fun, sing the request to him, move the bucket around the room empty to show how fun it could be, model putting one of his stuffed animals into the bucket as a way to show him what it could be like for him.

    If you ask him and he does not respond and then goes back to being exclusive then join him your activity and try again once he gives you another substantial green light.

    Somtimes it may take the persistence of keeping introducing it and modeling how much fun it could be for him each time he is available.
    Sometimes in the son-Rise Program Intensive it takes us 40-50 tries of initating one particular activity before a child actually does attempt it.
    So enjoy and have fun being persistent.
    Much love to you

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