This week at The autism Treatment Center of America we have the sweetest 9 year old boy here. He loves Disney characters, and rolling on our therapy balls. He does all sorts of flips off them, back flips and front flips, and finds many interesting ways to fall off them while looking in the mirror.

What strikes me the most about him is his sweetness, and his ability, (when he is not rolling on the therapy balls) to be completely still.

When he is asked to do something he will often nod his head and say “yeah” or “yep”. There is so much about autism in the news today, but nothing about the true sweetness these children and adults have. Often times after I have played with a child I come away with this amazing feeling that I have been in the presence of such an special and spiritual being, and that it is I who have received something special and magical from them.

I still feel this when I am in the presence of my God daughter, Jade, who was once autistic, but after working with her for 5 years using the Son-Rise Program no longer is. She still has this amazing quality of kindness and sweetness.

I am sure that all you parents out there understand what I am talking about.
Love to you all

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