Choosing Love

Yesterday I was with my little friend David who I volunteer with. One of the Autism Strategies we use at The Son-Rise Program is joining a child’s repetitious and exclusive behaviors in order to bond with them, accept where they are and build a rapport.

I was joining him by placing a wooden jigsaw puzzle in and out of a plastic in tray, again and again and again while saying “No thank you, put it back on the shelf”. We did this simple action for a whole hour.

Now this activity was not an activity tht I would have chosen to do to relax in my spare time but for David, it was something he loved, therefore every time I placed my puzzle inside my own box, I decided to grow my love for David and the activity bigger and bigger.

I was rewarded at the end of the hour by David coming over to me and sweetly pushing my hair back off my forhead with his adorable little hands, looking at me with his beautiful smile and then wanting to write and spell with me for the following hour.

Just something I wanted to share with you.

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  1. jeannene says:

    Ooohh, I've got goosebumps Becky! That is so magical, thank you for sharing.

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