How do we know when to keep being persistent with the things we want?
I have been thinking about this question recently, in my personnel life as well as my professional like. Working At The Autism Treatment Center of America with families who have children on the Autism Spectrum I am often asked by parents, “Do I just keep asking him, or should I drop it when he does not respond?”

There are many ways to respond to this question, for instance, if your child is still involved with you, for example looking at you or talking to you, and seems motivated to play a game with you then keep asking.
If they are exclusive and focused on something else, then we would suggest you stop asking and join your child in their current activity until they reconnect with you, then you can ask again. This is not about dropping your request it is about the timing of when you ask.

However the over riding principle is, believe that your child at some point will do the thing you are asking them to do. If you stop asking them you are really saying that you do not believe it is possible. Then there is no opportunity for your child to grow.

So persistence is really the belief in action that our children can change and grow.

This is a fundamental belief of The Son-Rise Program.
Much love to you all

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