The Power of Love!

Hey friends! No – we’re not quoting some cheesy eighties power ballad here – I’m talking about the power of our love and acceptance in making us magnetic, dynamic salespeople of social interaction when working with our wonderful special children with the Son-Rise Program.

Before I came to the Autism Treatment Center of America to train as a Child Facilitator I knew that I was playful, fun and energetic when working with autistic children. However, since being here I have grown and profoundly deepened my ability to LOVE, without limits or expectations, EVERY MOMENT of my time in the Son-Rise playroom. And wow – what a difference! One example – we have a gorgeous little autistic girl staying with us here for a whole month (what a gift for us!). On Monday, as a team we all set the intention to open our hearts further than we’ve ever opened them and pour our love into the lives of this wonderful family. For the first day of her Son-Rise Program Intensive, this fun little girl chose to be largely exclusive and controlling. On the second day we noticed she was looking at us more. On the third day she spontaneously turned to me while I was joining her, beamed at me and threw her arms around me! And not just once… three times!

I find this so beautiful – I truly believe that I loved this girl so enormously that she had almost no choice but to take me in and be drawn towards me. My love is helping her to step out of her autism and choose to interact with us. Isn’t that the most wonderful reason to just love, love love?

(And it feels good too!)

Love to all of you,


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow! Jack, what a day-brightening post. September 3rd was my birthday; since I just saw your post today, it is like a second birthday celebration. Sherry, Aliya, and I were warmed by your wonderful words and thoughts. Grandpa Dan

  2. Jack,

    You rock. Thank you for loving S. It is pretty awesome when she smiles that huge smile and initiates affectionate physical contact!

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