Turned My Life Around in 72 Hours

Dear Ellen:

God love you because I do, big time. Whenever I read one of your posts on our Facebook walls, the energy, enthusiasm and love just jumps out from your words. But what I particularly note is how truly smart and helpful your comments are…like “I am writing Adam right now.” Often, your notations highlight a program or a process or even give guidance. Terrific.

Love and appreciation, Bears

PS: Hey, would you want to join our bloggers on either/or/and OI and ATCA sites. These blogs now stream onto the OI and ATCA Facebook Fan pages so it gets to many more folks (1000 plus at OI, 1500 plus at ATCA). And your posts on my page, goes to over 1500. We want to recruit bloggers who are smart, savvy, fun, sincere, loving and have something to say…and who would do their best to post at least once a week…maybe twice if possible. Let me know what you think? Again, big love and gratitude

Oh Bears!

Thanks so much! It is one of my greatest pleasures to be helpful to The Option Institute. Everyone there helped sooo much in getting me to The Son-Rise Program® Start up (2 weeks ago I believe) for Emma… it was so perfect, a week of coming to terms with her issues in an honest way (that was a long time coming, huh (big smile)? And learning with total clarity of purpose how tangibly I could help her. I came home and within 72 hrs had a temporary play room done, $600.00 in donations toward the real focus room, poster designed and at the printer.. when I know what I want…. had done 6 hrs of heavenly playroom time with my daughter, and had spectacular results— stooling on the toilet for the first time! These are great things for us. I would love to help others to know that this program can help kids like mine, ones that would fall through the cracks, that aren’t diagnosable (is that a word?!) but still have real issues that get in their way.. it’s such a great program for our whole family.

When you walked into the classroom Thursday of that week, tears of joy streamed down my face.. yes, indeed, I was glad to see you, but also in that moment, I really realized that I had found a way (that was there all the time) to let my beloved Option Institute help Emma, my most precious gift.

I would adore blogging for you … I will keep it in mind as I embark on this journey with The Son-Rise Program and Emma. I want to focus right now on getting my Son-Rise Program up and running, my business bringing in money, and being of assistance to Chris who has had a tremendous opportunity given to him … his employer of 20 years berated him, stripped him of all is responsibilities and cut his pay 20%. The great news is that because of all his work at The Institute, in the middle of this he almost had to keep himself from laughing…. realizing it was truly all about them. What a gift. Anyway, how about if I just send you ( or whoever I should send it to) anything I write that’s relevant, and you can use it or not as you see fit . I can’t promise I will make time, but if I do, I will send on something. I hope this helps. I love all of you so much.. as usual please feel free to send a copy of this to anyone there etc. Deep, deep oceans of gratitude.

Love, Ellen

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