10 Games You Can Play With A Ball

Here are 10 games you can play with a ball! 

1) Throw the ball up in the air and clap you hands while it's up. Start with one clap and work your way up, the higher the ball goes, the more claps you can fit in. The person with the most claps wins. This is also great for coordination and gross motor skills.

2) Pretend it's a satellite flying through the galaxy, experiment with having it land in different planets (e.g. tickling planet, singing planet, etc).

3) Set up goals around the room (using chairs or buckets), label each goal with a fun motivation (e.g. music, rides, etc) and take turns scoring goals and giving each other the action that the goal is labelled with.

4) Have a juggling competition.

5) Pretend that the balls are rare dinosaur eggs that are extinct and play catch with them, whatever you do, you must not drop them.

6) Play kick ball and make a fun sound effect whenever your partner kicks it (e.g. monkey impression, raspberry, etc).

7) Balance the ball on your head for as long as possible.

8) Hide them around the room and play a game of hotter and colder.

9) Keep them up in the air as long as you can.

10) Make a ball pop out from different places (e.g. from your sleeve, pretend to sneeze it out, etc).

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