10 Variations for Snack

This week we are working in “The Son-Rise Program” intensive with a gorgeous five year old boy who is very motivated for food.

Here are 10 things you can do to vary the game as you give your child snacks from the shelf.

1) Put each piece of food into a toy bus/car/train/ambulance and deliver it to your child using a fun sound effect that goes with the vehicle you are using.

2) Wear a hat with the top cut off and a bowl of your child’s favorite snack inside of it, you can work on eye contact as you bring each piece down.

3) Use fun puppets to bring each piece of snack down to your child.

4) Invite your child take your hands and dance to the shelf together to get the food. Experiment with dancing in different styles (e.g. rock and roll, ballet, etc).

5) Throw a tea party and serve up your childs snacks and drinks bit by bit using plastic cups and plates.

6) Bring each snack down for your child in a different way each time (e.g. fly it down, bounce it down, wobble it down, etc).

7) Bring two pieces of food down and hide them behind your back in both hands. invite your child to pick the hand he wants to get the corresponding snack.

8) Cut out circles from construction paper and tape them to the floor, pretend they are giant stepping stones or lilly pads that the two of you have to jump across to get to the food. Play around with pretending to fall into the water to lengthen the game.

9) Place strips of Artist’s tape across the floor to the shelf pretending it’s a train track. You are the “eat train” which gives your child rides to the shelf and back with the snacks being your fuel to keep you both going.

10) Pretend that each time you touch the different snacks they make you do fun, slapstick actions (e.g. fall over, get the hiccups, start giggling, etc).

Have fun with food!

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