Asking Questions

This week at The Son-Rise Program Intensive we have a 10 year old boy with Autism and his family blessing us with their company. This boy is so much fun! He is lively , high spirited and loves to push peoples buttons. He loves to talk about what he cannot do, he will say things such as, “Are you going to stop me from breaking the glass window?, while looking intently into our eyes to catch our reactions.

I was watching him with one of our Son-Rise Program child facilitators while he was screaming very loudly, very close to her face, while saying, “I am very angry urrrrrrr”. He had just lost a game of football.

The facilitator said very calmly to this boy, “Why are you angry?”
To which he replied, “Because I did not win!”,
To which she replied, “oh, why are you angry about not winning.”
To which he replied, “Because that’s what I do when I do not win, I get angry”.
To which she replied, “Why do you that?”
To which he replied, “Because I do.?”
To which she replied, “Well how long are you going to stay angry, 10 seconds, or 10 minutes?”
He looked at her and said, ” I am going to stop right now and play.” and they did. I
A beautiful example of how you can use The Option Process, asking questions to help your child.
Have a great weekend playing with your children!
Much love to you all

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