The Autism Treatment Center of America is rocking this week! We have two children here with their families doing the Son-Rise Program Intensive. We also have many parents from all over the world here to do Maximum Impact, an advanced week long Son-Rise Program.

I can feel the connections, learnings, love and delight that is happening as I walk about our campus! I want to send some of it out to all of you who are working so wonderfully in each of your Son-Rise Program Playrooms – and to everyone who is working with an Autistic child in any type of home program or school.

As you are working with your beautiful child ask yourself this question, “Am I connected with them right now, do I know what they are liking and where their attention is, or am I off on my own agenda and do not really have any sense whether my child is with me or not”.

If your are connected to where your child is in that moment celebrate yourself, and keep on with what your are doing, for you are as close to them as you can be and on the path to helping your child get strong in creating relationships.

If the answer no, I am off my own agenda only concerned with the things I want, and I have no idea what my child is wanting or liking in this moment, then first celebrate yourself for noticing. Then take a step back, observe what it is your child is doing in the moment, decide to like it, then decide to love it and join in. By that I mean do exactly what your child is doing. This is the key to connecting with our chidlren and helping get strong in creating relationships with people.

Much love to all of you.

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