Inspiring words

Hey Son-Rise peeps!

I saw this on a card and loved it. I think these words represent a wonderful way to live our lives – taking joy in each moment and constantly challenging ourselves to try new things and PERSISTENCE! If we can bring all these qualities to our work with our special children, wouldn’t that be amazing??

Take surprise in each sunrise and comfort in each moon.
Move often, carrying your Home with you.

Climb mountains. Stroll beaches. Drive cars on busy streets
and sail bicycles

Love among the hate, when love is what you truly feel.
Suck strength from your anger, then let it go.

Scream at the ocean.
Run when the sign says walk.
Question authority and accept Change.
Fill your soul instead of your pockets.
Have lunch on busy sidewalks.
Dance alone in your kitchen.
Talk to everyone, including the soldiers inside your head.
Watch closely. Read something. Listen hard.
Smile in every mirror. Grow with each tear.

With a heart and a brain, loneliness is unacceptable.

HAVE FUN! Without maps or directions.

Cherish Happiness. Buy it if you have to, but give it away freely.
Wave at the uniformed at the unsavoury.
Keep them guessing, and praying, and hoping, and laughing.

Struggle, Fight, Try, Reach, Build, Learn,
Crawl, Invent, Rally, Fall, Get up again.

And if the heavens should happen to open,
offering transportation to even the smallest of dreams,
Ride the nearest cloud.”

Let’s model to our children the amazingness of a life fully lived, and increase our capacity to love every moment!


Jack xXx

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