Here at the Autism Treatment Center of America we work with children on the Autism Spectrum who have many challenges doing every day things that us neuro-typical folks take for granted. This week we have a great fun and feisty 4 year old boy with autism taking The Son-Rise Program Intensive.

The thing that is so impressive about him is his desire to learn. He is learning to speak, and is earnestly trying to form single words. He is so inspiring to me because he just tries and tries and then tries again. It is obvious that he finds this hard, it is challenging for him but that does not deter him. He is putting his whole heart and mind into it, and he is getting it.
How many times do we stop doing something just because it is not easy for us? When we learn new things, we are creating new path ways in our brains, or working new muscles in our bodies, thus it stands to reason that it may feel awkward to begin with, that it may feel strange, that we may not get it straight away. What would happen if we saw this as a sign of our capability to learn, instead of a sign that we cannot do?
Not only would this make learning fun, but would help us stay with something and therefore give us the opportunity to actually learn it.
Are you giving up on something just because it is not immediately easy for you?
Sending much love and thoughts your way today!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    aye like because our child does not do as we wish in our expectations we limit their efforts through giving up – i know too i have to learn to do this before my child can learn it from me – my complacency has been my biggest obstacle – my challenge my kick up the #### thankyou

  2. Kate Wilde says:

    I am excited for you to keep trying!! With persistence everything is possible
    Love to you

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