Good morning!
How to respond The Son-Rise Program Way to your autistic children when they are asking for something you cannot give them, or do not have in the playroom.
Click on the video below, or if you are on face book, click on the title of this blog, then on “View original post” that will take you to where the video is stored, and then just click on the video itself.
With much love Kate

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  1. Kate and Jack,

    You two are awesome. I'm saying "awesome" with the British vowels. This was really helpful. Thankyou!! =)

  2. Kate Wilde says:

    Hey Ben, how are you? Send my love to Sofi and the whole family.
    Love kate

  3. Kathleen Conroy says:

    How do you make wilde pancakes

  4. kATHLEEN CONROY says:

    How do you make Wilde PANCAKES?

  5. Ari and Irini says:

    Guys, this is very timely for yet another set of parents we are sending your way…currently staring down a dark tunnel and not understanding what we're so happy about! All of our love to you.

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