To My Teachers

Good Morning!

This month is my official 17 year anniversary working at the Autism Treatment Center of America. I feel so grateful for all the families and lovely special children I have had the pleasure of working with.

I also feel grateful to all my teachers, for they are the shoulders on which I have stood, and the inspiration and wisdom that has helped me overcome my fears and my limitations. Today I want to mention the ones who have been the most influential to me, but by no means are these the only ones.

Elizabeth McCormick, she is my Mother, and has been the most supportive person in my life, always trusting my choices and urging me to create a life that is meaningful to me.
Bryn Hogan, she has taught me all that I know about The Son-Rise Program, and helped me to transform myself into the teacher I am today.
Samahria Kaufman, she is the inspiration for me to continually open my heart to every thing by life is offering me, and to seek a closer relationship with the perfection of the universe.
Bears Kaufman, my inspiration to push beyond the limitations of what I feel I can do, always urging me to be more, life more, love more, and believe that I can do, and get everything that I want.
Jade Hogan, my lovely God Daughter whose beautiful spirit and endless efforts to overcome her challenges is the most precious and beautiful example of how to live a life that I have experienced to date.

To each of you I celebrate you, and give my most heart felt thanks.

I love you.


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