What’s Most Important

This morning as I was getting the kids ‘out the door’ for school, we were rushing. My son couldn’t find his cleats, the trash bag broke on the floor and we were rushing. I was focused on getting things done, on meeting my deadline to get them to school. I was focused on this until my daughter Jade said, “Mom” and she took my hand. I went to her and then, while holding my hand she said, “Dad, come here” and he came over. She put her arms around both of us and pulled us into a three way embrace. We stood in the kitchen, holding each other. She kissed my cheek and my husband kissed her head. We all looked at each other and smiled.

Then, I couldn’t remember why I’d been rushing. I did though remember why my daughter would have thought for us to take this moment together. I remembered all the hours and days and weeks and years we spent in her Son-Rise Program playroom, working with her, helping her to ‘come out’ of her Autism. We focused not on ‘getting things done’ but on love and kindness, on hugs and sharing. Today, no longer having any Autism, my daughter is a living example of all we did then, and a daily reminder of what is actually most important.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you my sweet Bryn….EXACTLY what I needed to hear today as I rushed out of the house to get my 3 yr old to school in costume, with baby in tow……..SO very perfect for me…
    Love, Hugs, kindness and sharing, my new mantra! -Erin-

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