From Kate Wilde: Acceptance

From Kate Wilde; The House of Wisdom has no walls.

The Son-Rise Program believes in the power of accepting everything about a child on the Autism Spectrum. We do not believe in the concepts of appropriate or inappropriate behaviour, in good or bad, right or wrong. These just create walls between us and a child who is doing the best that they can to take care of themselves, in an often confusing world.

When we see a child, or an adult through the lens of, “This person is doing the best that they can.” Then we want to move towards, verses against what we see, and that’s when we can start to create opportunities for growth.

All growth starts with acceptance.

If you are facing a situation today that you are finding difficult or challenging ask yourself; Am I moving towards this or against this?
If your answer is against, then take a moment, close your eyes and find a soft place inside of yourself to embrace this situation. There is no situation that you cannot embrace.

Find this place first.

I send so much love and care and good wishes to you all.

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