Being Hit & Punched and Love and Acceptance!!

Step 1. Don’t Light Up Like a Christmas Tree!!
I just spoke to a mother on the phone this morning who wants to come to the Son-Rise Program Start-Up. One of the issues she wanted help with regarding her son, who is 5 yrs old, was the fact that he is aggressive towards her, hitting, punching and biting her. This is part of what I shared with her, which I thought would be a great reminder to you all. Enjoy.

  1. Don’t light up like a Christmas Tree: Getting annoyed or frustrated and angrily telling your child to “stop it”, “it hurts”, “that’s bad,” etc., in most situations, will encourage them to do this behavior more. Do your best to be as low energy as possible as you do #2 below.
  2. Look after Yourself: Love and acceptance does not mean you sit there while your child “beats the crap out of you!” Part of love and acceptance is wanting the best for yourself and your child. Take action – stand up if you are sitting down, get a cushion or big ball and put it in between you and your child; if they are trying to bite you – offer them something to chew on, etc. Bottom line – look after yourself and help your child channel their energy into something that would help them and also keep you from getting hit, bitten, etc.
  3. Run your Son-Rise Program: Each hour, each day you run your Son-Rise Program will be time spent helping your child develop their ability to interact and socialize more appropriately, which in turn helps them handle the over stimulation of day to day life and especially those situations where they do not get what they want. Many families have reported that when they started running their Son-Rise Program their child’s “aggressive” behaviors greatly reduce or stopped all together.

If you want more information on handling such behaviors go to our homepage at , scrowl down the page and watch webinar #13 call Aggressive Behaviors.

Have the best time helping yourself and your child.

Much love to you


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