A bit of History.

Good Morning Everyone!
I would like to share with you a bit of history I found while tidying my office yesterday.
It is our program Goals dated “01/12/1998” from our Son-Rise Program with Jade Hogan, who is my God Child, and the daughter of William and Bryn Hogan, two senior teachers here At The Autism Treatment Center of America. At this time she was just a tiny 3 year old with autism, today she is 14, a typical teenager who love the Jonas brothers, and attends regular main stream school! For those of you who do not know her story you can call us at 413 229 2100 and request the free DVD, “Inspiring Journeys of Son-Rise Program Families and their Children.” Her story is the one called, “Reaching for the stars.”

Written at the top of the goals we had chosen for her that week was the following:

Amazing Jade

We will believe – each day – in our special girl.
We will imagine our dreams for her made real – in 30 days.
We will use the power of our minds and hearts to transform her…….and ourselves.

Please think of her – please be a visionary for her –
Visionaries are possessed creatures. Men and Women caught in the thrall of a belief so powerful that they will allow nothing, not even reason, to stop them from ensuring that reality catches up with their dreams.”

As I remember each of us picked one thing that we wanted Jade to be able to do with us by the end of 30 days, and one thing in which we wanted to grow ourselves in, in those 30 days. Then each day we would each visualize in our minds eye this happening. I remember that I had wanted her to run over to me and hug me when I entered the room, at that time she would often shy away from physical contact, and very rarely initiate it. Today she often runs to me and hugs me full of news of what she has done since I last saw her.

Maybe this is something you and your team could do together at your next group meeting.

Much love to you all

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  1. Thanks Kate, We actually did a similar exercise at our last team meeting. I really enjoyed hearing the responses from our wonderful team and what they hope to see with our Gavin in the next month.

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