Celebrate Good Times, C’mon!!

Woo! Celebrate, celebrate, CELEBRATE! I looooooooove to celebrate!!

So often when someone new to the Son-Rise Program observes us working with autistic children here at the Autism Treatment Center of America, the thing that really stands out to them is how much we celebrate the child. Everything a special child does is a wonder and a gift to us and boy, do we let them know it! Celebrating our special children is such a beautiful way to show them how perfect they are, how much we love everything they do and to highlight the new and incredible things they do in the Son-Rise playroom… ultimately, we believe celebration will help inspire them as they move towards recovery from autism.

(And here’s the added bonus – it feels great for us too!)

Seriously, if there is one HUGE thing I’ve taken from my work here as a Son-Rise Child Facilitator it is to find something to celebrate every day, in every area of my life. Focus on the positives, my friends, and by heck you will find MORE positives!

So let’s try an experiment together. Let’s all find 5 things to celebrate today that we have NEVER celebrated before. Hmmm… here are some ideas:

  1. The people who collect your garbage: yeah – those guys do an incredible job – let them know it!
  2. The check-out person at your local store – I bet they hear enough complaints so why not make their day with a celebration?
  3. Your bus driver – so… your bus was 10 minutes late? Great! It could have been 30 miunutes late! Thank you driver!
  4. Your spouse – how often do we really, deeply, genuinely celebrate those we see every day?
  5. Your neighbors – what a wonderful way to create a supportive community around your special person.

So go forth and celebrate my friends! Have fun!

(… and don’t forget to celebrate the most important person – YOURSELF!)

Big love,


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