Immediate Love

Here at The Autism Treatment Center of America we get to meet so many lovely sweet souls. This week we have a beautiful and very lively 8 year old girl with autism. She loves to draw with a green marker and be chased and chased and chased.

As I watched her and delighted in her amazing ism of saying “arrhhh” in a high pitch tone, while starring into the corner of the room, and putting a finger to the side of her mouth. I felt grateful for all the great things I get to do each week. Who could have predicted that I would be saying “arrhhh” over and over again, but fun it is!!

One of my most favourite things I have learnt during my Son-Rise Program training, is the ability to fall in love with every child and every family that comes here immediately without reservation. There is no warm up period no time to adjust, just a jumping in and an embracing of the new people who are to become family for the rest of the week.

What would it be like if I exercised this with everyone I meet in my life? Maybe this is one of the gifts that our children are guiding me to grow in? In what ways are your children guiding you?

As always I send you much love and great respect for all the things you do with your children each day!

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