Hello Everyone!
Another fun game idea from The Autism Treatment Center of America. This is a game that will be fun for all children on the Autistic Spectrum, whatever stage of development they are at, this game is for you and for them, modify it to fit the motivations of your child, and give it a try.

There is nothing to lose by trying, just a whole lot of fun to gain.

Click on the video below, if you are face book right now click on the title of this blog, then on “view original blog”, that will take you to where the video is stored, then just click on the video itself.

Enjoy! If you try this game at home, let us know by posting your experience in the comment section of this blog, or on our face book wall.

Love to you all

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  1. Milagros

    This game is so awesome!!! My daughter is very controlling, and this game can give us both a way to control the game… thanks

  2. Anonymous

    I haven't tried this yet but am looking forward too it I work with several different children who fall in various areas of the spectrum and I know this will be awesome,,,,,,,Thank you for all your wonderful ideas and help you do such wonderful things for the children and adults as well ,,,,

  3. Simples assim

    Hello! I recently receved the material that you sent to me to help me better understand what Autism is and how to help others. I do really liked to know one more technique to help children with autism. Surely I will try this game at home.
    Congratulations for the work you have been doing.
    Alisson Dantas, Brazil.

  4. Pat

    I'm just looking at this game and I can see my guy loving turning the wheel especially for tickles

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