From Kate Wilde: Learning New Things

From Kate Wilde: Hi everyone! Today I have the added pleasure of doing another person’s computer job, as well as the lovely teaching and playing with children on the Autism Spectrum that I normally do here at The Autism Treatment Center of America.

I spent the best part of yesterday ever so slowly following a step by step guide on how to print out labels from the web site of us mail. How to create invoices, and use the new credit card machine. The beautiful thing about this job is it results in many people from all over the world getting great inspiring and powerful information on how to help their child using The Son-Rise Program!!

The other was an insight on how much time it took me to complete the task. I do not mean this to be a slight on myself – it was so great to see, it took me 3 hours just to do 4 orders – don’t be alarmed all those people out there, I will get faster and you will all get your books, tapes and DVDs – I promise!

I already can read, use a computer write, type etc, but still, putting all these skills together to produce a perfect computerized label was slow going the first time. So it stands to reason that it takes a while for our children on the spectrum to do what we are asking them.

So a question for you is, are you pausing after you ask your children to look at you, or after you ask them a question, or ask them to draw or write or blow out birthday candles?

Sometimes all our children need is the time to do the thing we are asking them to do.

I certainly need time to learn my new thing.

So if you normally just wait 2 seconds, wait another 30 seconds, or even more.

Let’s give our children time and space to do what is difficult for them.

Have fun everyone
Love to you

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