From Kelli Pallett: Anchoring New Beliefs

From Kelli Pallett: It was just a few weeks ago that we attended Son-Rise Wide Awake, and boy what a week. I left “wide awake” to, and ready to take on, all the areas of my life where I wasn’t joyfully happy, fully at ease, and being a force of nature. I left that Friday feeling completely at peace, being powerful and unshakeable in what I’m committed to. I declared that I would blog on the Autism Treatment of America (TM) site as an action to keep those feelings alive and myself tapped into them. So here is my first blog.

I thought, that’ll be great, I’ll just share what is happening in our program, what I’m feeling, and what I’m creating… easy peasy and I get to fulfill on making a difference along the way. Well, somewhere between my declaration, getting set up on the blog, and the ensuing life that happened my identity kicked in. Rather than the freedom I felt to just share whatever my thoughts were in Wide Awake, I started to think what is the “right” thing to share, and what might people think. I began to get concerned for would my blog make as big a difference as Kate’s or Jack’s or Becky’s. These are all VERY familiar thoughts… and definitely not the peace, power, and unshakeableness I’d been feeling.
Luckily, I had created THIS very action, this promise to contribute, and I thought “ah ha” this is the VERY thing to share. It’s SO perfect… and it is what I’m thinking, feeling, and creating. I’m creating this opportunity to blog as an unabashed expression of my love for the Son-Rise Program® and the Option Process®, and a place where I can celebrate my triumphs over my disempowering beliefs, and make a difference… how perfect. I’m peaceful, powerful, and unshakeable!
What actions are you taking to anchor the new beliefs that you have adopted?

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  1. apollack says:

    Kelli – Beautifully said. I feel inspired by you and by your words whenever and wherever you share them (here, Wide Awake, Facebook, etc.) Big Love from your big fan, Andrea.

  2. I love your honesty Kelli! Thank you for sharing yourself. Your challenges are what make you stronger and you are using them to inspire others! Nice work…it reminds me of the poem Bears shares – "…Do it anyway" (They will tell you it anyway…).
    Love you!
    -Julie Sando

  3. raetyty says:

    Oh Kelli, i share in your experience after returning home from the Son-Rise Wide Awake program and getting back into some of the same patterns such as what will others think and so on. What seems to be coming back into my mind over and over is STUDENTSHIP – *Awareness -*Acknowledgment -*Acceptance -*Understanding -*Change. I lose track and so i go back to the and blogs and the son-rise message boards and the CD's i have collected from the Option Institute and continue my process of learning and growing. many of us share your thoughts and feelings so remember, any support needed is very close by. Love Ya BIG, Jamie

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