From Becky: Being Present!

From Becky: Recently I flew to Houston, TX to work with a beautiful Mother and her son for the weekend using The Son-Rise Program.

One of the principles of The Son-Rise Program is to be present when we are working with our children in the playroom so that we are comfortable and super aware of how to help them. Being present is something I have practised over the years but I do not always choose it outside of the playroom.

One area where I don’t typically choose to be present is when I am travelling. On this flight to Houston, I had a long journey ahead of me, getting up at 3am to get on a flight and then a connecting flight to my destination.

Usually when I’m flying, there comes a point that I start living in the past or the future (e.g. “I wish I had got a window seat”, “I hope we get there soon”, etc).

As I sat on my 3 hour flight from Washington Dulles to Houston, there was nothing but the present moment. I decided to focus on the here and now and embrace each moment that came. I sat for three hours, allowing nothing else to come into my mind about what was going to happen next, or what had already happened.

Our children are so present, they find joy in the simplest things (e.g. shaking a drumstick, eating, pacing back and fourth, etc). There is nowhere for them to be, nothing else for them to do.

As I sat being present for that extended period of time, I came to a place of complete peace and as a result of that I had a great experience, instead of an “OK” one.

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