From Jack: Best Friends JOIN!!

From Jack: Hullo friends!

I want to share with you a beautiful story from an outreach I did with the cutest little boy this weekend. We played together, we giggled together, we smiled together but predominantly we ISMED together. In my morning session, this adorable little guy was exclusive for nearly 2 hours and 20 minutes out of our 2 and a half hour session. I just totally enjoyed getting to know him in this deep beautiful way – expressing my love and acceptance of him by joining in his exclusive behaviors and showing him how easy and controllable I was.

We then took a break for lunch and, while I was eating, my new friend was constantly pulling on my sleeve, begging me to come back upstairs to play with him some more!

You know what I love about this? I really hadn’t spent much time actually playing. But I really believe that the love and acceptance of my joining, the knowledge that he could just be himself, inspired this little boy to think of me as a wonderful friend and to beg me to spend more time with him. How beautiful is that?

When we are joining our special children, we are helping them in the most profound way. We are showing them that we are the sorts of friends who would learn to love anything and everything they love, do whatever they want to do, go to the ends of the earth to be like them and show them how perfect they are.

Now, who doesn’t want a friend like that?

Huge love


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