From Becky: Diet Tips take 3

More Ideas to spice up a gluten/casein and sugar free diet:


Mustard is great because it’s the only condiment I have found that doesn’t contain sugar and sugar products, wheat or dairy.

You can find all kinds of different mustard’s at the grocery store. Always check the labels because some do contain sugar.

I use spicy brown mustard as a dipping sauce. This is great if your child is used to eating lots of sugary condiments such as ketchup, steak or barbecue sauce. It makes for a sweet and interesting substitute.

I Make my own salad dressing out of mustard, olive oil, vinegar and garlic. I keep whole garlic cloves in the bottle so they don’t fall out when pouring and just keep topping up the other ingredients to taste.

You can also use mustard as part of a marinade or when cooking to thicken meat or vegetable juices.

Yeah for mustard!

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