From Kate Wilde and Bryn Hogan: Letting Go

From Kate Wilde and Bryn Hogan:

On our ride to the airport this morning we were discussing the topic of ‘letting go’. We were reflecting on all the parents we work with using The Son-Rise Program who want so much for their children and their families. They want with passion and a deep desire to make a difference.
At the same time, there is sometimes a struggle between these strong wants and the ‘need’ for our children to change, to grow in the ways and at the speed we want them to. We have found ourselves, in relation to Jade and Malik(Bryn and William Hogans children) becoming attached to the outcome, wanting them to gain a skill, learn a lesson or grow in what we see as an important direction.
Yet, we came back to, as we have so many times before to the knowledge that we have to always balance our wants with a strong ability to ‘let go’. To not push. To not ‘need’ them to perform to our standards.
But to allow them to blossom, to fall down, to go slowly, to not learn, to even resist…and to love them as they do so. (Sometimes we even resist their resistance – how useful is that?). So, we’re left, as with everything in the Son-Rise Program, with love.
To any question, in any situation, love is always the answer. When we ‘let go’, love is all that’s left.

Love to all
Kate and Bryn

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  1. I have often gone back to letting go, when wanting turns into needing. But, usually after alot of resistance. Today I decide to let go alot sooner, and enjoy my moments. Instead of trying to change them. xoxo

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