From Kate Wilde: Making a difference

From Kate Wilde: Hi everyone, I was inspired by Kelli’s blog to write this blog. First of all thank you Kelli for writing your blog, I do not think we can ever estimate the far reaching effects of what we do. You have made a difference by writing this blog, everything we do makes a difference in the world.

You can easily see that your blog has inspired me to write this blog, that is concrete as I am telling you this, but there are also many many other thing it has inspired that you will never know. Maybe the President will see it and decide to fund The Son-Rise Program for all parents who wish to use it with their autistic children in the USA. Maybe you have helped a person in Africa have the courage to ask for help with their child. Maybe someone has read it and it has sparked some hope of the possibility that they could change themselves and do what is difficult for them.

I believe that each of our acts have 1000’s of consequences, the only question is when and how do we want to act. Do we want to hold out our hands and offer help, or judge another or ourselves as wrong?

You offered your hand out to help, and only great things can come from that.

Love to you all

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