From Kate Wilde: Memory

From Kate Wilde: Today Bryn Hogan and I were having dinner with some wonderful people. A part from being Son-Rise Program teachers together, and working along side each other at The Autism Treatment Center of America, we have also been best friends for the last 17 years.

At dinner, Bryn was telling the story of her wedding to William Hogan, (also a Son-Rise Program teacher ), as she was relaying this story she mentioned something that she and I had done at her wedding.

The interesting thing about this is that not only did I not attend their wedding, I did not even know them then. Because we have been friends so long she actually “photo shopped” me into her memory of her wedding. So for her I actually attended.
What this means is that our past does not exist, just what we make up about it. As Bryn did, you can change your past to be anything you want it to be. We are actually in charge of how we remember our past.
So it raises the question what do you want the memory of yourself to be?

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