From Jack: On Anger and Powerlessness…

From Jack: Hullo friends!

So I’m writing this from JFK airport, where I have been stranded for 12 hours due to heavy snows, and am due to be here for another 12 hours before a replacement flight back to the UK can be scheduled… this entails trying to sleep on the hard, cold floor (all the hotels were booked by the time they cancelled my flight), not having anything to wash with for over 24 hours (!!!) and missing a big family party back in England that I was excited to attend.

Now, this has got me thinking about when things happen that are outside our control. I noticed that when our flight was first delayed, then cancelled, many people reacted by getting angry. Some just looked grumpy and muttered to each other, others shouted at the airline staff. I even noticed myself getting a little frustrated – this wasn’t turning out to be the smooth travel experience I wanted!

And then I thought a little about anger. So often, we get angry because things are happening that we cannot control. We feel powerless and so shouting at someone is a way for us to feel more powerful. But my question is – does it really work? I know that whether I get angry or not, my plane won’t magically be able to take off. So why get myself upset and angry about it? Why not enjoy the situation that the universe has given me? Why not see this sense of powerlessness as a challenge to step-up and find something to love in any circumstance? If we can’t change the situation, why not at least give ourselves the best experience waiting it out?

Have a wonderful, deeply loving holiday season

Much love and warmth


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Jack… I think that's something we all need to remember this time of year (including me). I smiled as I read your post picturing you happy in the midst of all that anger and frustration. The Buddha of the airport.

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