Revelling in the Little Things

From Kelli Pallett: Hi all, I never thought when Jordyn was born that he would teach me so much – about myself, about love, about being grateful, patient, and accepting.

I woke up this morning as my 6 yr old son climbed into bed, and layed right on top of me, grabbed my face, smiled, and said “tickle tickle”. We then spent a good 20-30 minutes laying there, tickling, kissing, gazing in each others eyes. And I was so grateful and full of love. There was no where else to be, and nothing else to do than be in those moments with him. Doesn’t sound like such a big deal until you know that this little guy was so in his own world when he was 2.5 that he hardly acknowledged us.
It got me thinking of all the little things that I’ve learned from this little guy.
To name just a few:
  • being grateful for our profound connection vs. taking it for granted;
  • for slowing life down and teaching me to revel in each and every achievement that we have together – smelling the roses that we have rather than seeing and dwelling on what could be perceived as missing;
  • for teaching me to really love and accept myself for who I am, and others for who they are – that we are all doing the best we can with the beliefs that we have
  • for challenging me to grow beyond my own limits and boundaries and question what I thought were my limits.
I could go on in detail, with a few of the specifics like Jordyn saying “orange” this morning as he picked up an orange marker and handed it to me (something new), or putting his plate from breakfast back on the counter without being asked, or expressing his wants with passion and persistence, or me sharing myself in this blog, … all the little miracles add up.
It is opening our hearts to the many little things that make the biggest difference on this journey. I’d love to hear what you are grateful for.
With love and gratitude –

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