Son-Rise Program Start Up

From Kate Wilde: It is Friday and we have just finished our Son-Rise Start Up Program here on property at The Autism Treatment Center of America.

We had 61 parents and professionals attend from America, Australia, Sweden, Brazil, England, Canada and South Africa. All united by one thing, having someone they love on the Autistic spectrum.

It was so inspiring to hear their stories, learn about their children and to see their transformation as they took in the attitudinal perspectives and the concrete techniques that the Son-Rise Program has to offer. The youngest child represented was one years old, the oldest were 23 year old twins.

Parents came in on Monday morning, feeling scared for their child’s future, lost as to how to help them and judgmental of themselves for not “being good enough” for their children. It is Friday and in the last class there was much relaxed laughter in the room. This came from the knowledge that they are not alone in this journey with their children, they now have 60 other supporters and friends in their life who are on the same journey, and the road map for their children, which is the Son-Rise Program with its developmental model and attitudinal perspectives.

They left with the confidence that they can help their children, and an action plan on how to do so.

I send thanks and great love and good thoughts to everyone I met durin the 2009 December Son-Rise Program Start Up.

With much love

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