From Kate Wilde: There is more you can do.

From Kate Wilde:
Yesterday I answered the phone in our book store, it was a Mom of a 10 year old autistic boy. She was calling because a couple of weeks ago her school had called her up to tell her that they wanted her 10 year old son to go on psychotic drugs. Why? Because they did not know how to handle his sometimes “aggressive behaviour”.

So their solution was to drug him, to sedate him so that he does no “bother” them anymore. No concern for this boy’s quality of life or the side effects of giving a young child such powerful drugs.

Here at The Autism Treatment Center of America when a child is kicking, pushing, hitting biting etc, we ask ourselves the following questions:
Why are they doing this?
What are they trying to tell us?
What can we do to change OUR behaviour to help this child change theirs?

Once we understand why our children are doing this then we apply a whole host of easy effective techniques to help them choose a different way of communicating.

If your child is being aggressive click on the link below which will take to you a blog about the common reasons why a child might be aggressive.

Then click on this other link that will take you to a webinar on how the Son-Rise Program helps children who have challenging behaviour.,22,0

If your school system or the care home is telling you that your child has to go on drugs because of his aggressive behaviour, think again, there is another way to help your child, it is called The Son-Rise Program.

We want to help you and your child.

With love

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