From Kate Wilde: Hi Everyone! This blog will be my 100th blog! Wow – I find that just so amazing – and I have so loved writing them and making the video’s . All you parents and professionals out there working with your children on the Autism Spectrum are such a source of inspiration for me. What you are doing everyday with your children, loving them, accepting them and reaching out and challenging them to grow with a strong belief in their capabilities is just incredible, and we here at the Autism Treatment Center of America want to be a strong source of support to you.

So I thought that as this is my 100th blog, it would be a great time to check in and see what kind of topics and blogs you would like to see more of. Let us know, so that we can continue to to help in the most effective way possible.

Looking forward to hearing from you

With love


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Kate, I've really enjoyed so many of your blog postings and videos with game ideas! Since I just found all these blog postings, I've been spending time at the end of my day reading a few and trying them with my child. Some of my favorites, so far, have been the imagination games for the new year, What's my body saying (both versions – perfect for my child right now), the Conversations blog posted on Monday, December 7, 09 and Learning New Things blog posted on Monday, November 30,09 were both very helpful, as well. I would love ideas for getting my child to join in activities with others and taking an interest in others as these are new things emerging with my child. Thank you so much for posting all these wonderful ideas! I love reading and watching the videos and can't wait for more – they are so helpful!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Games and teaching for higher functioning kids. We need so much help with teaching the process of using Context in language…and of course what goes along with that…prespective of others! My cute boy does not understand we maybe are not in the room when he says "I need help with this", we can not see what "this" is. He also makes statements that don't have the "where it happened" etc.
    Your teaching on the web has been so valuable to me and my tutors. We even show our son your videos as a way to teach certain concepts! Thanks so much and blessings to you. Hope to see you at New Frontiers in May!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Dear Kate,
    congratulations on your 100th blog! what a blessing for us all who tune in looking for inspiration, ideas and energy to keep on going! I was just thinking that exactly one year ago I was in London for my start-up program and I hope all those parents are feeling what I felt that first night – an enormous sense of peace for being with people that believed in our power as parents to make anything possible. A clear and incredibly simple direction to follow. One year later I can say that results have been remmarkable and, having gone back for the maximum impact and new frontiers, we are now counting down for our intensive in April. What a remarkable and life changing journey that the autism treatment center has made possible. I cannot thank you enough.
    Joana – Portugal

  4. Anonymous says:

    I love your posts, they are creative and very inspirational. I haven't attended the start-up yet (going in February), so this might not be relevant since this applies to OUT of the playroom. But, do you have any ideas for connecting when we are all at the dinner table? My son has some language, but isn't really interested in talking about his day, it tends to be somewhat quiet and definitely not as fun as I would hope. Its one of the few times we are all seated together, so how can we make the most of it as a family?
    Thanks so much.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Kate, I just love your posts!!they are so well written, and so helpful. I would love it if your game ideas will be more suitable for 2.5-3 year old kids. Sometimes the game you offer are too complicated for my boy 🙂
    Thak you so much

  6. Jessica says:

    Hello, my name is Jessica. I'm not really sure where I should be posting this, so if this is not the right place please let me know. I have been interested in this program for about 8 years, but I live in Brockton MA and can't move to Springfield. I graduated from Bridgewater State with a BA in working with children with disabilities and I am currently getting my masters in teaching students with sever disabilities. I have been currently working at The May Institute in Randolph for 3 years, for children with severe autism and I am now looking for a part time job. I was wondering if anyone around the Boston MA area was in need of some home based therapy a few times a week. I get out of work at 4pm in Randolph, and I am willing to work with the child till 7 or 8 or whenever their bedtime may be. If anyone can help me out with this I would greatly appreciate it. My email address is and my blog is Jessicajss9.
    Thank you for taking the time to read this

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