From Kate Wilde: Breaking News!

From Kate Wilde:I am excited to announce that over the next couple of weeks we will be airing on YouTube some fun and interesting Son-Rise Program commercials. There are 10 in all, and they are spoofs on the Mac verse PC commercials by Apple, only in our case it is The Son-Rise Program verses ABA!

Each one was designed, written and created by the very first Son-Rise Program child, Raun Kaufman.

You have just got to see them! They are hilarious, direct and to the point! We have created them in the hope that they will generate lots of discussion and debate about parent’s right to choose the treatment they feel is best for their autistic children, and the differences between The Son-Rise Program and ABA.

Each commercial is only a minute or so long, so spread the word. Send them to friends, family members, professionals who work with your children. Your local MP’s or members of congress, everyone you know. Post them on your Facebook wall, help us spread the word across the world.

The link below will take you to the very first one:

Enjoy and pass them on.

With love to you all,

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