Day Four: Live from the UK Son-Rise Program Start-Up

From William Hogan: It was so wonderful and beautiful to see the participants faces today during our afternoon class. They were animated and bright eyed as they practiced explaining what they had learned already this week so they could be prepared to share it with their family and friends and other teachers and professionals. I was struck by how much more relaxed and self confident, and energetic they seemed now. I remembered their faces Monday morning – tight, tired, sad, and weary…what a difference now!

I feel very fortunate that this is my life, that I get to do this. I get to help people. I do my best to help them with something that I feel so strongly about, that I’ve done myself, that I’ve used with my child. I feel that I am really and truly giving them something. I feel lucky in this life to be able to give them The Son-Rise Program.

With best wishes and smiles,


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  1. Bryn, William, Carolina and rest of the team that came to London, I couldnt thank you guys enough. I wouldn't mind letting you guys know, any number of times, that what you guys do is something extremely wonderful and has high IMPACT in people's lives. Bless you all. You guys are awesome energy packs !!!

    Cheers 🙂

  2. Ruth says:

    We were two of the parents on this course, and it's no exaggeration to say that it has changed us already. We are now planning to start a program with our five-year-old son Sam, and doing so with a level of enthusiasm and hopefulness that I would not have thought possible a few weeks ago. It was such an inspiring course – more than a course, a once in a lifetime experience, and we are so immensely grateful.

  3. We definitely feel like different people. I feel that the programme was good – not only for our child but for myself and in fact the whole family. We are smiling more as we do all the crazy stuff and have the 3Es going strong. Thanks a lot guys.

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