Day Three: Live from the UK Son-Rise Program Start-Up

From Carolina: There is something magical that happens in the Son-Rise Program Start-Up classroom on Wednesday.. It seems to be the day on which parents begin to passionately express how hopeful they have become for their children. Parents pull us aside before class – not just to share examples of how the techniques are working – but to share their belief that anything is possible for their children. One mom said to me this morning – “I’m so excited about this week – it has been so amazing – but not only because I have so many techniques to help him…I now know that I can accomplish anything through persistence.”

Here are just a few of the stories we heard this morning from parents who are seeing the results of believing that anything is possible…

“My son usually communicates by pulling or pushing us with his hands – and we usually respond to this, but last night when he pulled me toward the bubbles, I stopped and asked him, “Do you want the bubbles? Can you say bubbles?” and he said, “bleurghhh” – and I was so excited I gave him a huge celebration. I repeated this throughout the evening and he kept repeating, “bleurghhh” in response. Myself and the whole family continued celebrating him so he kept asking for things to get our celebrations.”

“I decided that I was NOT going to feel tired when I went home last night – I wanted to have the 3Es with my son. So I prepared myself on the way home and when I got home, I was able to have more energy than I ever thought I could have after a long day. I joined my son, had the 3Es and over the course of the evening I calculated about 90 minutes of eye contact from him! And then, this morning, as I was leaving to go to class, he said, “mama” spontaneously!”

It is such an incredible experience to watch parents begin to have hope again – and to see the power of that hope. We feel so lucky to be here!

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