Day Two: Live from the UK Son-Rise Program Start-Up!!

They are already changing….

After only one day, you can see it. They are smiling and raising their hands with questions and ‘jumping in’ to the experience.

They have started to become a family already. They are laughing together, and sometimes crying together and it is such a beautiful thing to behold. I am never tired of this experience or take for granted how blessed I am to know The Son-Rise Program and to be able to share it with others.

This morning William asked them, “Did anyone try any Son-Rise Program Techniques last night?”

Here are some of their replies:

“This morning I went to my three year old, Carolina, and focused on positioning myself for eye contact. I put some of my lipstick on her lips, and she kissed me. Usually, she has a tantrum when I leave the house, but this morning, when I said goodbye, she didn’t cry!”

“My son typically swears quite often. We were outside playing football and he swore. Instead of what I usually do, I acknowledged that I heard him, but gave him no big reaction. He then came over to me and repeated the sentence without the swear word. I did a big celebration. Then, this morning, he went to swear and then actually stopped himself and looked to me for a celebration – so I did! It was great!”

“My son always pulls my hair and hurts me. Last night, I tried not to give him any reaction when he began to pull my hair. He then played with my hair GENTLY for about 25 minutes. Eventually, he kissed me and went away calmly. That is the first
time that ever happened. Also, when I used the Three E’s with him (Energy, Excitment and Enthusiasm) he looked at me and I could tell how much he loved me.”

“Last night our meal was a huge party! Josh was looking at us, but not through us as in the past, there was a connection.”

On and on they shared….this after only one full day in the program.

Today they learned about the Son-Rise Program technique of joining…for so many of them, it was a revelation. They seemed to really understand the importance of ‘going with’ instead of ‘going against’ our children. The beauty of using the repetitious behavior (or ‘ism’) as a bridge between ourselves and our children. The importance of using our Joining to share our love and acceptance, in a language our children can understand. We shared so much with them about how to encourage language, and to help their children who are verbal to use language to communicate…I can’t wait to hear what they tell us tomorrow!

Stay Tuned….
With much joy,

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  1. Both my wife and I have gained so much in just 4 days and we wish we had had the chance to take this programme much earlier. We have definitely changed – especially our attitude though it was really hard. We have definitely become more optimistic and of course as William said, unrealistic.
    Hope you would be able to make it today.

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