Dietary Interventions

From Kate Wilde: Here at the Autism Treatment Center of America we believe that your child’s diet is incredibly important to their overall health and well being. We feel that it is important to get your child tested for possible allergens such as Gluten, Casein, Corn and Soy. We also believe that it is important to be careful about how much sugar your child has in their daily diet.

Often times our children on the autism spectrum can be very picky eaters. If your child’s diet consists mostly only the above named allergens and sugar then this may be a sign that your child has a potential intolerance to the very things they are eating.

If you are wanting to change your child’s diet, by eliminating either, gluten, casein, corn, soy or sugar below are a couple of pointers that may help the transition go smoother.

1. Start only when you are completely ready, if you have doubts, your child will sense this, and wait until you give in and give them that chocolate cookie. It is important that you are prepared to go the distance.
2.Educate yourself about other foods you can over your child, there are many online resources such as gluten and casein free recipes you can access.
3.Make sure that the food you do not want your child to eat is nowhere to be found in your house. Remember your child is very intelligent, if it is in your house they will find it.
4.Explain to your child why you are changing their diet and how it will help them. Do this even if your child has yet to begin to talk to you, we believe without a doubt that your child can understand a lot of what you are saying, even if they cannot or do not verbally respond to it.
5.Have plenty of the new foods easily available to your child in bowls around the house, so that they can get used to new smells and the new look of their food, and they can easily try it when they are hungry.
6.Believe that your child will eat this yummy new food.

With love to you all

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