From Alison: It’s all about me!!!

I Started off with my Son Rise program a few years ago now because I wanted to reach out to my son Jordan, but the journey took an unexpected twist here is what happened.
When I started out on the Son Rise journey with my son Jordan I thought that if I just learned why he did the things that he did that I could help him not do them anymore and I could teach him how to play my games instead. It turned out that actually what I needed to do; was to find out why I did the things that I did, then learn to play his games instead and then put in a few of my own. I was amazed at how much the Son Rise program was about me and my attitude. I had to learn to love and accept myself first and then that love and acceptance overflowed to Jordan including his autism. It is a phenomenal change in my life, I have gone from feeling invisible to feeling alive, from feeling lost to having a clear sense of purpose. Everyday when I wake up I make a decision to make my love for myself and Jordan more obvious and it is now that we share so many precious moments together – the ones I dreamed about at the beginning of our journey.

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